Universes collide on cover of “Vanity Fair”

The cover of the next “Vanity Fair” will feature Uncle George amidst the casts of all six movies. It hits newsstands on January 11th.

You can see the whole picture here (with some character spoilers). Um… wow!

There’s an article here with spoilers ahoy!

Thanks to Ewan News and ComingSoon for the great information.

ETA: Starwars.com has posted another look at the cover image, and an interview with Vanity Fair contributing editor Jim Windolf about talking to Lucas. Possible spoilers!

3 Replies to “Universes collide on cover of “Vanity Fair””

  1. THANK YOU!!!

    You have so made my afternoon. :) I hope they offer it as a poster somewhere!

  2. I had this discussion with Mary at DragonCon. She KNEW and she let me prattle on and on and on about it….

    I don’t care, though! I’m with you. I am buying a print if I possibly can!!

  3. Wow, that is pretty something – I guess I’ll be hunting at the bookstore for that mag, just for that cover!

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