John Williams Gets Some Sweet Music of His Own

Our sincere congratulations to the man who makes the collective pulses of Star Wars fans everywhere beat a little faster. Every time the opening swells of Star Wars (and Indiana Jones, ET, Harry Potter, and on and on…) start to play, we have John Williams to thank for our rising excitement.

And last night, the United States thanked Mr. Williams with a Kennedy-Center Honor; the highest US honor for contribution to the arts.

You can see the honors for yourself later in the month on CBS.

Congratulations and thank you!

It’s a Ring Thing

If anyone ever tries to tell you that the Swiss aren’t funny, don’t believe ’em.

“The Ring Thing” (out 16 December in Switzerland) is a spoof of “Lord of the Rings” and looks absolutely hilarious.

Be sure to download the trailer. Worth seeing if only to witness Gandalf smoking pipe weed out of an Alpine horn, Legolas as a blonde bombshell, and some type of orgy perhaps involving big wheels of cheese.

Here’s hoping for a wide release on DVD with English subtitles.

Not so, I lie!

Two EU items on tonight – an interview with Sean Stewart about his Yoda novel, Dark Rendezvous, and the March comics preview.

Elsewhere on the site, Sue Rostoni gives us this preview of Zahn’s Outbound Flight novel:

The manuscript is in to Del Rey. Shelly is reading it now and will get it to me soon. So far we’re sticking with Star Wars: The Outbound Dark Flight. Or maybe just Dark Flight. Starring Darth Flight and her apprentice, Dark Fight. They try to convert the Jedi on the Outbound Dark Flight by ramming them with their ship, The Dark Fright, and throwing hoods over the Jedi. But just as Darth Flight begins to ram the Dark Flight, night falls (in dark space) and they miss. The Jedi escape under cover of darkness only to be met by Admiral Darkthrawn’a darknu. That’s when the story turns really dark. Stay tuned.

Yes, it’s a joke. Like the book’s gonna be anything less than 80 proof Thrawn.

Natalie Portman to play Idaho Jones?

The rumor mill is buzzing that Natalie Portman wants to work with George Lucas again:

Portman, 23 , obviously doesn’t have to break into cold sweat to reflect on her time on the Star Wars films. There’s already talking about the actress working with George Lucas again on another multi-million dollar franchise entry, Indiana Jones. Even before filming had wrapped on The Phantom Menace, Portman let the director know that she’d love a part in the next Indiana Jones movie back, and the word is, he might have found a slot for her in the anticipated sequel. Smells like Indiana Jones has an offspring.

For Star Wars fans, that could be more than a little weird.