EU News at Comic-Con

Hyperspace members can see the cover of Dark Nest 3: The Swarm War and a sketch for the third Last of the Jedi, cover now. Both are part of the Future Star Wars Publishing slideshow, which contains sketches from Visionaries and previews of a lot of the Del Rey’s upcoming nonfiction offerings, including some fantastic artwork from the upcoming New Essential Chronology. Hyperspace members can also listen to audiocasts of the Star Wars Spectacular, Dark Horse Comics, and Publishing panels from Comic Con.

The big EU news out of Comic-Con is all about Dark Horse – ongoing series Republic and Empire are wrapping up, to be replaced by a Knights of the Old Republic (based on the game of the same name) and a “a new ongoing series of five mini-series” starting with Rebellion. There’s also a short overview of SW coffee-table and nonfiction books.

The TV show gets a brief mention, focusing on preproduction and tech stuff, during the Star Wars Spectacular.