…But still no name

Sue Rostoni has posted several items on the OS boards about the 9-book post NJO trilogy:

Expect to see — Star Wars. We very much want to go back to the pulp Space Opera feel of the original movies (as opposed to hard SciFi). The focus will be character-driven situations, set against a backdrop of perhaps not galactic proportions, but certainly providing opportunities for spectacular space battles and lots of lightsaber action. Expect to see the major characters (Skywalkers and Solos) and many of the minor characters (Jedi Knights), and some old favorites. And, hopefully, a lot of surprises.

And on Ben Skywalker:

He’ll be 13 when the series begins and one of the main characters.

Added bonus info – the name of Jim Luceno’s post-Episode 3 hardcover will be Star Wars: Dark Lord.


CJ’s ‘favorite’ fanboy, Larry Groznic, is back with a new column – “I Must Take Issue With The Wikipedia Entry For ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic”:

I remained silent in regard to those smaller matters, but I cannot ignore the travesty you call a copyleft encyclopedia article on “Weird Al.” Those who know me either by reputation or through IRC know that I do not suffer fools gladly. If you have been on the business end of one of my notorious outbursts of Internet anger, I do sympathize. And, for what is to come forthwith, I offer you my grim condolence. En garde.

I think I dated this guy in college. Oh, the shame.

Movie News: Pirates, Serenity, Elektra

Sci-Fi Wire talks to Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion about Serenity. And last but certainly not least, Filmforce’s set visit.

Jerry Bruckheimer talks Pirates sequel, dispels Keith Richards and subtitle rumors.

The offical site for Jennifer Garner’s Elektra movie is up. IESB has publicity stills.

Colin Farrell isn’t going to be 007, and doesn’t want to. Good. Give it to Jude Law already!

A Simpson’s movie? Erm… okay.

And finally, a new Narnia poster and a first look at Spielberg’s War Of The Worlds.