Out this week: Princess Leia #3, Ultimate Star Wars, Lords of the Sith

Princess Leia #3 (crop)It’s the last week of April, and that means Paul Kemp’s Lords of the Sith is out on Tuesday. That’s the same day you’ll be able to pick up Ultimate Star Wars from DK, the first fully canon reference book.

On Wednesday, comic fans will find Princess Leia #3 waiting for them, as well as a second printing of Darth Vader #3.

Our next novel will be Christie Golden’s Dark Disciple, out on July 7. Also dropping that day is William Shakespeare’s The Clone Army Attacketh.

2 Replies to “Out this week: Princess Leia #3, Ultimate Star Wars, Lords of the Sith”

  1. Glad to see the release date for Princess Leia #3. Marvel.com had it listed as 4/15, so I was wondering why we couldn’t find it yet.

    Not surprised that Darth Vader #3 is getting a reprint. The guy at the comic shop I go to said that people have been searching for that issue and can’t find it. Apparently, they didn’t print as many of it as they did past issues and the rumor is Aphra will be in one of the new films (take that one with a big grain of salt) which is driving demand for the first-printing of the issue.

    1. That’s why I always go with the Diamond shipping list. Marvel is better about dates than Dark Horse was (more clout) but delays still happen.

      But yeah, the ‘new character’ thing did a number on Vader #3. I went for it on the Thursday after it came out and my shop was already sold out. Thanks, stupid rumors.

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