Out this week: Fate of the Jedi’s Apocalypse arrives

What more is there to say about Apocalypse at this point? Troy Denning’s finale of the Fate of the Jedi series drops tomorrow, and I think all of us – fans and cynics alike – are more than ready to put this series (and maybe even the format) to bed.

Fans: Don’t forget about Troy Denning’s book tour.

Cynics: Remember, this book contains our first look at Aaron Allston’s X-Wing: Mercy Kill.

By the by, the spoilers for Apocalypse are insane. And that’s all I’m going to say. For now. (Assuming this book doesn’t start off with six straight chapters of Sith ala Ascension, in which case it may take me another 7 months to force myself to read it…)

As for the comic readers, Wednesday brings Agent of The Empire – Iron Eclipse #4 and Knights of The Old Republic: War #3

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  1. I think anyone who actually made it all the way to Apocalypse should get some kind of special award from LucasBooks. I gave up about 2/3 though Backlash.

  2. I only made it as far as Abyss. (For what it’s worth, that’s three books farther into the series than I ever got with LOTF.)

  3. I’ve read them all and will most certainly be reading apocalypse. They are all bad but there are certainly high points and things which I wish would be explored more. LucasBooks would have been better off letting each of these writers do a separate trilogy.

  4. Maybe I’m in the minority but I loved this series. It’s not as dark as the last, thankfully. I’m very interested to see how it all ends.

  5. Personally I gave up when Dark Nest came out. I still don’t get why I should care about weird insects. Then LOTF started and it sounded awful, and then I read the first two or three novels and it WAS awful, and that’s when I called quits on the post Endor EU. At least Knight Errant is still for me (best novel in years, imo). The rest is silence. Filled with tears. ;-o

  6. I don’t love FotJ, but I definitely care about the characters more than I have since NJO. I agree with Dajuan; even with Abeloth and the Sith, the atmosphere seems lighter, and I appreciate that.

    Mostly I’m interested to see what comes after Apocalypse. One-offs and trilogies FTW.

  7. I think the part that I hated most about the series is that I really liked how Ben’s character was developing. It just wasn’t enough for me to continue. Maybe someone could convince Topher to take all of these books and condense them into one or two. :)

  8. I’ve loved all of FotJ, though I’m not thrilled by nine book series in principle. Also, I’ve been able to read Apocalypse already and thought it a magnificent finale to this series – plus it did a great job of tying in LOTF and DNT too.

  9. Honestly, I just want this damn thing over.

    I was not a fan of the NJO, didn’t mind Dark Nest (at least it was DIFFERENT and SHORT) and was totally on board w/ LOTF until it started falling apart. I had trouble even getting into FOTJ, and while I realize some of the delays couldn’t be helped, it’s just been a drag. But there’s so many strings I just do. not. care. about in this series. Tahiri, Jaina/Jag, the whole Lost Tribe brouhaha, the completely imbecilic government folks, the idiot Jedi (both the crazies and the council,) Abeloth… It really reminds me of the NJO, in that I’m basically reading for a handful of characters who only get trotted out occasionally in favor of the boring-ass villains and lackluster ‘new’ characters. I KNOW that suck in the EU happens and it will (hopefully) pass, but this one has really brought out the bitter in me.

  10. The only plotline that was consistently enjoyable throughout the series was the Luke and Ben adventure. Everything else I could have lived without, ESPECIALLY the Council stuff on Coruscant. I nearly gave up on the series after Vortex because I had gotten my fill of the juvenile Jedi Masters.

  11. Agreed. If it had been a Luke and Ben trilogy (by Allston!) I think I’d have been a lot happier.

    (Han, Leia, and Allana can have their own trilogy w/ whatever.)

  12. Given that Allston seemed to have the Luke and Ben dynamic down best of any of them, I would have very much been in favor of this idea.

  13. I’d even be willing to suffer through the Vestara/Lost Tribe stuff. (Though not THE FIRST SIX CHAPTERS worth. Still shaking my head at that one.)

  14. I didn’t struggle with the Ves/Lost Tribe stuff like I did every plotline on Coruscant. If that was the sideplot to a hypothetical FotJ trilogy rework, I could live with that.

    Coruscant, though. Man. Maybe Palpatine was right with the whole Order 66 thing. Council were a bunch of immature brats the entire series.

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