On the Tumblr: The Phantom Menace goes Vogue

We’re still going strong over on Tumblr, though I have been very lax at mentioning it here. Here are few things that haven’t made the blog proper.

coutureHigh fashion. Remember the Star Wars spread in the April 1999 issue of Vogue? It featured several of Queen Amidala’s costumes from The Phantom Menace.

Long reads. How obsessive fans built a better Han Solo blaster is strangely fascinating. Or maybe drop the ‘strangely.’

A Major Award. Of course there’s a Star Wars version of the lamp from A Christmas Story.. Of course.

It is the year of the GIF, after all. Who doesn’t love the floating head of Ewan McGregor?

Quick hits. Was that a dead Jaxxon on The Clone Wars? The Star Trek Into Darkness poster gets a Star Wars remix There are already Scoundrels costumes! And no roundup is complete without Star Wars infographics.

4 Replies to “On the Tumblr: The Phantom Menace goes Vogue

  1. Those costumes were in Vogue?!? Oh dear. Well, it doesn’t lift my idea os neither fashion industry nor Amidala’s wardrobe…

  2. The publicity folks really went above and beyond for TPM… I was never a huge fan of the Amidala costumes – they’re far too clunky to be elegant, IMO – but they’re certainly trying to sell ’em. Padme’s AOTC outfits would have been a better fit for Vogue, perhaps.

    I remember an extremely Jedi-esque cover spread in one of the fashion mags as well, though I can’t tell you which one it was. I don’t believe it was official, but the inspiration was obvious. Maybe Paula would remember more?

  3. I’d have to dig through my magazines to remember the Jedi-inspired spread. I vaguely remember it.

    And while the TPM costumes were a bit elaborate, the construction of them was exquisite. And I loved the celebration dress at the end.

  4. Clunky is the word! The construction was magnificent, I agree on that! But I absolutely hated the stylish mishmash from RL ethnology and history. They should have settled for a couple of styles and made a cleaner mix IMO. In that aspect, I love Game of Thrones, where they choose or two inspirations for each culture and they mix it with fantasy-style.

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