NYCC: Del Rey announces Obi-wan Kenobi novel by John Jackson Miller, James S. A. Correy Han Solo novel

Well, here’s the big news out of New York Comic Con: John Jackson Miller is moving up to the big leagues with a post-Revenge of the Sith novel tentatively titled Kenobi. And the Rebels series announced at CVI continues with a Han Solo novel from new-to-the-EU author James S. A. Correy, aka Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, whose Leviathan Wakes was recently nominated for a Hugo. They’re a big get for Del Rey!

On his blog, Miller describes Kenobi as “part epic western, part high-stakes drama, part romance.” You can get a closer look at Scalf’s preview art on his DA. (via) The book will be a hardcover and is currently scheduled for Fall 2013.

Also revealed: Golden’s Sword the the Jedi series will also feature Jag (well, obviously,) Ben Skywalker, Allana and Tahiri. And there’s still no word on Kemp’s duology, but Frank Parisi promises “It will f’ing blow your minds!” (Riiight.) And, finally, Crucible is not the big 3’s last adventure, it’s just going to “change them forever.” Thanks to @DelReyStarWars and avgoins for the live tweets!

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  1. I really love John Jackson Miller. Love. I had been a casual EU fan for a long time, but his Knights of the Old Republic comics are what really drew me into obsessive fandom several years ago. He’s probably my favorite current Star Wars author. And Obi-Wan is my fave character. So this is quite exciting. I am so glad to see Obi-Wan’s “transition” to being Ben.

  2. I really like the sound of this one. Strangely, I just always assumed they’d keep those years of Obi-Wan’s life a mystery to us so this is extra cool.
    MichelleH, would you call this a prequel book? Since it falls between the prequels and OT, does it now get it’s own era?

  3. Ha…good point. :) I guess I just associate Obi-Wan character development soley with the prequel era because of the Clone Wars show, and of course when I heard ‘romance’ I thought of Satine, but he does straddle both eras. Is there a term for that? Someone’s probably got one… :)

  4. Kenobi novel, the Jaina-novel character gallery and Big 3 still going strong are three times great news!!!

  5. The Kenobi novel sounds great! The Han novel doesn’t surprise me but I’m excited about it, too. Now I really need to read Correy’s Leviathan Wakes.

    1. I actually have Leviathan Wakes and some of Abraham’s solo stuff on my to-read shelf. I haven’t tried to ‘pre-read’ SW authors since the 90’s – and it was a miserable failure* then – so this’ll be interesting.

      *Except Keyes and Sean Stewart, who I read before they’d been/I knew they’d signed up for SW. Ironic.

      I sure hope this doesn’t turn into a ‘all that buzz over this?’ situation for me ala Patrick Rothfuss…

  6. Leviathan Wakes and Caliban’s War are both pretty excellent. Highly recommended.

    Interesting that there was nothing on the Stover / Commando rumors.

  7. You know. There are these days, these wonderful days, when I can’t help but feel that something that I love (even when that something is a gigantic, monolithic cross-media science fiction franchise) absolutely loves me back and totally wants to make up for the last two long-form book series.

    Not a month ago, I was thinking about how absolutely wonderful it would be to have (and yeah, I’ll admit it: write) a novel about the transformation of Obi-Wan Kenobi into Old Ben and now there’s one coming, and it’s written by the guy who I feel has given us some of the very best Jedi-centric stories that the franchise has.

    And then, and then…You also turn around and tell me that the two guys who wrote my hands-down-favorite book of last year…The guys who reaffirmed my faith in Space Opera…Are going to write a Han Solo book? And it will be on shelves and I will be able to buy it in exchange for mere money? I know that I’m a few days late reading this post, but you’re totally blowing my mind here, Dunc.

  8. @Dunc – I’m more likely to post-read SW authors than pre-read them. Leviathan Wakes has been on my “to read” pile for a while, this just makes it a slightly higher priority.

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