#NubProbeCVI is coming: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

I believe this is what we’ll be calling the group trip to the Big Boy. There’s a Big Boy in Orlando, right?

Macchiato the Hutt!

SBs…? Yes, I am including this because I need a translation and I didn’t think to ask at the time.

You’ll also want to check out all the suggestions on #StarWarsOrlandoFantip – we were on quite a roll the other day. More tweets below the cut!

Sunday was Father’s Day…

Made me laugh, so I’ll overlook the typo. Or maybe Stat Wars is the the Grey’s Anatomy of the GFFA? Still works!

The Expanded Universe….

Speaking of, the Mercy KIll ARCs are out.

And finally, snark:

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