“No offers:” Benedict Cumberbatch on the Cumberrumor

SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.Benedict Cumberbatch was asked about the Episode VII casting rumor at the Toronto International Film Festival, The Toronto Sun reports. Of course, “no offers have been made,” is vague enough that the rumor isn’t quite dead yet… But even if you don’t believe this doesn’t mean he’s not in talks, expect to hear confirmation of “the regulars” before we get any new folks.

Meanwhile, here’s been some panty-twisting over a post that references other recent casting rumors in Lucasfilm’s invite-only forum Obi Wants To Know Me. I find it all a bit silly and I wouldn’t take it as anything other than ‘Lucasfilm knows there are rumors!’ but whatever. (But if there is any truth to said rumor, let’s hope it’s for Hurd-Wood’s sake.)

2 Replies to ““No offers:” Benedict Cumberbatch on the Cumberrumor”

  1. Apropos of nothing in this post: I adore that graphic. Mr. Ancient Aliens speculation man is so perfect for this it’s amazing.

    Just awesome.

  2. This Cumberrumor is getting cumbersome. The Telegraph has a story that could imply that Mr. Cumberbatch knows a little more than an average actor should. Or it could all be hokum which might be more likely. *sigh*

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