A.C. Crispin has passed away

Jim Macdonald at Making Light reports that Ann Crispin died this morning. She had posted a final message on Facebook only days ago.

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  1. To put it in the immortal words of her fellow Han Solo writer, Brian Daley: “You think a little thing like death’s gonna slow us down?”
    Couldn’t stop Bria, can’t stop her.

  2. RIP. She’s one of the few who wrote both Star Wars and Star Trek well – her ‘Yesterday’s Sun’ was the first original Trek novel to make the NYT Bestsellers’ list.

    Does anyone know whether she was listed as A. C. Crispin by her choice or whether it was the call made by her agent or publisher?

  3. Very sad. Great lady and a superb talent. I enjoyed talking to her at a book signing for “Rebel Dawn” in suburban Maryland back in ’98. I complimented her on her “V” novels that I read back in the ’80s.

  4. I got to meet Ann a few years ago when I was working a writers convention and she happened to be one of the featured guests. She ended up signing at our table for a while, so I got to talk with her a bit. And of course I got her to sign a set of the Han Solo trilogy for me—which was some of my earliest EU reading, too.

    Super cool lady, and such a great writer. She will be missed.

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