No Best Picture Oscar for Avatar

The Hurt Locker beat out Avatar for Best Picture (and director – Kathryn Bigelow is the first woman to win) but the sci-fi extravaganza did take statues for visual effects, cinematography, and art direction. I don’t find this particularly heartbreaking: Avatar might have been a fun movie to watch, but Best Picture? Ehh.

Best Picture was really the only uncertain prize going in, so there weren’t many surprises for the genre winners: Pixar’s Up took Animated feature and Music, while Star Trek got Makeup. (District 9 will always have this, I suppose.)

3 Replies to “No Best Picture Oscar for Avatar

  1. First off, Hollywood does not like James Cameron; no matter how much money he brings in. Second, it’s a fantasy film, so that’s another strike against it.

    And I was also kinda eh about it being a “Best Picture” candidate. I’m not sad.

  2. I think the Academy was waiting for everyone to break into song the whole time:

    “You think I’m an ignorant savage
    And you’ve been so many places
    I guess it must be so
    But still I cannot see
    If the savage one is me”

    Uuh, bad memories. ;-)

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