New Star Wars pics at Heilemann’s

Michael Heilemann’s collection of Star Wars pictures is, as far as I know, unequaled online – and he just announced that he’s added “a couple of hundred” new images. Go forth and check them out.

(We’ve previously featured his McQuarrie and storyboard collections.)

I really wish would put out a simple, easily browsable selection of photos like this… Of course, that might mean they’d shut Heilemann down. Still, the popularity of these sets – you can’t go anywhere on the internet this month without seeing a link to the storyboard gallery – shows there’s plenty of interest for this sort of thing.

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  1. That’s a great idea! And TOS used to have Photoreceptor and Galactic Gallery (I think that’s what it was called…) for production stills and concept art, respectively. It’d probably take a lot of work, but maybe they could just bring those sections back?

  2. That’s a start, but those sections weren’t as easy to browse as Flickr is, with the ability to see things larger and etc. They always struck me as kinda goofy.

    Maybe the LFL image archivists should just start their own Flickr. ;)

  3. They already have the Yahoo partnership for video, and they use Flickr for the official blog. So maybe they just ought to beef that up and skin it somehow or something.

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