Bask in the horror of Holiday Special week

The fact that there is anything that can be qualified as Holiday Special collectibles is chilling at best. But in a month that has brought us the Darth Vader toaster, it’s impossible to be surprised – except perhaps by the lack of a Ackmena Cantina playset.

Those desiring words over pictures can head over to interviews with the special’s scriptwriter and directors.

3 Replies to “Bask in the horror of Holiday Special week”

  1. I actually like the Wookiee Storybook. If they had put that on the screen instead of what they showed, it would merely be childlike, instead of horribly, mind-numbingly painful.

    I want that press kit, though. Priceless!

  2. OMG I so want an Ackmena Cantina playset!
    Oh and I hate to make you twitch more, but I’m doing a Holiday Special Craft for kids too this week. ;-)

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