New poll: The Clone Wars trailer

IMAGE: Clone helmetLast week’s poll asked if you read Star Wars spoilers and… Most of you do! Occasionally, anyway. Tisk tisk.

This week’s poll asks about your reaction to The Clone Wars trailer. Did it do it for you? Or not so much? Find it under the cut, or on the sidebar, where it will remain all week.


Next week: Invincible. I’ll probably keep that one up for at least two weeks. Hopefully that’s enough time!

And one day, the pie charts might even come back…

One Reply to “New poll: The Clone Wars trailer”

  1. I just want TCW so badly. At this point, I’m trying not to worry, just because I want it. When it comes, and if it sucks, then I’ll whine–just like every other SW fan, I suppose.

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