New Ostrander series deals with origin of the Jedi

Dawn Of The Jedi “will start at the beginning of the Star Wars timeline with the very beginning of the Jedi Knights, in a time before light sabres when they only fought with swords,” Bleeding Cool reports.

There are more details, including an interview with Ostrander and Jan Duursema, on Comic Book Resources.

Also coming are a new Knights of the Old Republic series, War! starring Zayne Carrick and written by John Jackson Miller. There’s also a Darth Vader mini and something called “Boba Fett Is Dead.” I expect we’ll hear more about all this as NYCC continues.

8 Replies to “New Ostrander series deals with origin of the Jedi”

  1. So, now I want to see the first Jedi try to wield a lightsaber after years of training on a sword. Oops, there goes a leg… Massless blades for the win!

  2. For such a MAJOR element like the origin of the Jedi to be explored in the Star Wars mythos, it seems rather odd to me that GL’s input is not mentioned anywhere.

  3. Well, having recently gone all-digital when it comes to comics, I certainly hope Dark Horse starts putting more of its main offerings on Comixology by the time DOTJ comes out. As of the moment, they’ve scarcely any presence there.

  4. MontanaJedi: If George cared, it would probably be off-limits. And if he ever does want to do it himself, a comic book is certainly not going to stop him.

    He’s rarely shown any interest whatsoever in the EU, but when he has it seems to generally be comic stuff. Who knows: Maybe he’ll dig it. But we have a long, long history of him not giving a flying fig about the EU, and I don’t expect that to change now.

  5. Dunc: Yeah, I am well aware of how little he is involved in most of the EU. There are a few things he does dictate though like which movie characters can die, the mystery of Yoda’s species, and a few other little things, I just thought that the ORIGIN of the Jedi might be one. Or at least Ostrander would comment on it, or that the interviewers would think to ask about it.

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