New from Sue: Darth Plagueis novel resurrected

You will never watch the opera scene with a straight face again.This morning, NJOE posted about a listing they’d found for a James Luceno Darth Plagueis novel scheduled for 2012. I was doubtful (after all, the book was canceled) but it was brought to the VIP thread, where Sue confirmed that the book has indeed risen from the dead:

Yes, apparently a database has leaked this upcoming hardcover that will follow Palpatine’s rise to power and his Master, Plagueis. “Not Yet Published” should have read: “Not Yet Announced.”

I’m very hesitant about this: I believe that Palpatine’s backstory, like Yoda’s, is one the EU should give a wide berth, and I can’t fathom that it’s possible to do that effectively with story of his Sith Master.

(Of course, given what I really want out of this story, it’s probably for the best that I don’t make these decisions.)

Sue also said this book is not the replacement for Imperial Commando #2 (we might hear more on that next week) and that no more adult Clone Wars novels are planned through the end of the current contract.

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  1. In the style of Napoleon Dynamite. SWEET! I was disappointed to hear of that being cancelled.

    The guy on the SW forum that mentioned doing a dooku qui-gon book is on the right track. I actually think they should novelize the story about how Dooku became disillusioned with the jedi order and left, including some qui gon stuff.

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