Del Rey not killing off Luke, Leia and Han anytime soon

The part of me that spends way too much time on Twitter wants to give this the ‘No Shit, Sherlock’ award of the day, but what the hell: Sue Rostoni (when asked) says that the Big 3’s last adventure “isn’t happening in this contract period.” Not even for Stover.

(At least he didn’t ask about Zahn?)

6 Replies to “Del Rey not killing off Luke, Leia and Han anytime soon”

  1. The question Sue answered didn’t mention Zahn, but somebody already felt it was necessary to suggest him (lower on the page.) *eyeroll*

  2. Timothy Zahn is even rolling his eyes, thinking “Don’t you people know I only write about Thrawn and Mara! They’re both dead!” Meanwhile, Del Rey screams “Just use clones! It will sell!”

  3. My eyes have been rolling since I saw the headline, and kept going all the way through the thread. It’s starting to hurt, frankly.

    And are we supposed to be surprised by this? I know that killing Luke was discussed at some point, but does anyone actually think that any of these characters will ever die in a fashion that doesn’t involve them slipping away in their sleep? I’m not a hundred percent convinced that one of them SHOULDN’T, but that’s beside the point. These aren’t characters who die violent deaths. These are characters who you retire because they’ve become too old even for a setting where humans don’t have a clearly defined life-span.

  4. I think they might actually retire and die of old age. It’s cool that they add suspense buy killing off major characters but maybe not these three.

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