New Firefly comic by real Browncoat

Clearly, Patton Oswalt is a man obsessed with Firefly.  (And I so understand that!)

He talks with Entertainment Weekly about his upcoming Firefly comic “Float Out.”

I like him.  In this article, it is clear he totally gets the Joss Whedon vibe.  But you’ll have to wait until June to read it!

One Reply to “New Firefly comic by real Browncoat”

  1. Woooh!!! I’ve always enjoyed Oswalt’s comedy and now I have another reason to love him!

    I was sure (and depressed) that Firefly had finally died out, but this gives me hope; besides, it’s all about Wash!

    Also, what is this “tantalizing future” it mentions in the write up?!? I’m gonna try to contain myself here because it might simply be referring to another comic, but with Whedon officially done with Dollhouse, thank heavens, you never know what might be next.

    My day has been made. :)

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