Details of the Celebration V VIP packages

There are a limited number of packages avaliable: 250 ‘Jedi Knight’ for #350 and 50 ‘Jedi Master’ for $750. Both come with early entrance, access, store discounts, reserved seating and a special concierge lounge. The ‘Master’ package features a private meet and greet with and original art from Dave Filoni, as well as a ‘personal shopper.’ (Sadly, not someone who will follow you around the floor and carry your purchases.)

The packages will go on sale in “the very near future,” with those already having badges getting an email notice today to set up a “live time” to purchase.

One Reply to “Details of the Celebration V VIP packages”

  1. Clearly they need a Jedi SuperMaster VIP package that comes with a padawan to carry things around for you.

    Or, better yet, a throne with four cute guys dressed like Jedi carrying it around the con so you don’t even have to walk!

    We must think big about these things. :)

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