Mean streets, pulp fictions: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Nov. 26 – Dec. 2

Folks are getting ready for the holidays, still watching Star Wars, and freaking out over the latest Episode VII rumors, as you do. Onward!

Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Nov. 26 – Dec. 2

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"My lovelife is like the #StarWars Expanded Universe as written by Raymond Chandler."Arturo R. Garcia
Please Disney, let Episode VII have Agent Coulson recruit Boba FettClark Gregg
What does it say about a certain generation when every conversation comes down to (the original) #starwars?Andy Dickenson
1/2 Tensions ran high at the Disney Christmas party. Pegg
2/2 Eventually things warmed up and new friendships were forged. Pegg
George Lucas was a fashion visionary, Jedi boots have really taken off with the ladies these days.Jim Murphree
George Lucas at #GovAwards this is huge! Madatian
My mom just said "what does George Lucas know anyway?!" MORE THAN YOU MOM, MORE THAN YOUMeara Hogan

Watching the movies

I am quite religious. My Old Testament is the Original Trilogy and my New Testament is the Prequels #StarWarsVerified Darth
Mos Eisley Spaceport. You’ll never find a more wretched hive of seemingly superfluous backstory and history.Brian
RotJ is on. So funny how the bounty hunter whose backstory takes up an entire movie ends up bouncing off a sail barge & burped by a Sarlacc.Amy Mebberson
Why is Uncle Owen such a crabby old bastard?! If I’m Luke, I’d be like: "Oh, harvest is when you need me the most? Harvest this!" #StarWarsMike Mason
This bar will not serve C-3PO? These are the horrors. #starwars #badbars #onestarYelpreviewSarah A. Coolwhip
How many hands have to be cut off b4 the Galactic Senate enacts some serious lightsaber legislation? #starwarsChad Sipes
Hello torso! Oh Hayden, I’ll almost forgive you anything, even that sickening ‘No, I love you more’ display from before. #StarWars #trashytvpixie brat
I want R2 to be my personal bartender. I bet he mixes a mean intergalactic martini. #StarWarsAmanda Heisey
I always like when Luke turns and laughs to Leia at the end of Jedi when he realizes how terrible Hayden Christensen was in the prequels.Greg Wyshynski


so Disney bought Lucasfilm, can they please make this movie now? Inman
Do you think @StephenAtHome could get a Star Wars character raised from C level Canon to G level Canon before the release of #EpisodeVII ?Matt Loeb
David Fincher directing a Star Wars movie is easily one of the strangest concepts I’ve heard, and will surely haunt my dreams. #starwarsChris Angerman
the big reveal of #EpisodeVII : Artoo was Palpatine’s secret apprentice and now he can rule the galaxy through Luke. #SkippyToTheRescueJames Floyd


The Force cannot help with stink. Just an FYI. It’s good for many things, but creating pleasant aromas isn’t one of them.Paul S. Kemp
Took Luke years to get that tauntaun stink off him. Mara Jade would not give him time of day ’til he threw on some cologne.Paul S. Kemp
Darth Maul’s survival is ridiculed by a child in Darth Maul: Death Sentence. I want to write more Maul. #StarWars #SWEUTom Taylor
The Jedi Temple has classes all about how to drink space booze and impress locals, right? #WaruExpressBria
Just finished reading Star Wars: Scoundrels. MIND BLOWN. Loved it! & yes I am an adult & have #StarWars shee Spendlove
People: Even if the #SWEU is ended, you wouldn’t have "wasted" your time with it. Those memories w/ the stories are YOUR OWN. Canon or not.Andrew Lupi


Just saw my very first episodes of STAR WARS CLONE WARS. When did Anakin become so manly?? #SkywalkersAreWhinyBrian Ward
Blue droid, pink droid, yellow droid, green droid. This is like Power Rangers. #CloneWarsAaron Goins

Star Wars life

Ten-year-old nephew wants autograph of either George Lucas or Steven Spielberg for Christmas. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW?Colleen Lindsay
I think I need these in my life for the reason that they are just too awesome to pass up. #starwars nguyen
Is it. "blasphemy" if my nativity scene is action figures of the birth of Luke and Leia, and the wise men are Yoda and Obi-Wan? #starwarsSmark Zero
Husband is installing this lightsaber looking thing to clean the air in the house. I bet it uses the force. #starwars
Instead of practicing Christmas music for school, this boy is playing non-stop #StarWars theme w/ the #violin, before bed &before breakfast.Donna
One of the baddest ornaments on the tree #StarWars Moore
Bloke next to me is playing a game on his phone with the sound up. But as it’s @AngryBirds #StarWars I shall resist pummeling him to death.Karen Holtorp
Holy cow, it’s December. Time to start the #StarWars Advent Calendar! Who’s behind Door #1…?? @retrorocketgirl #fb Elles
Dear iPad autocorrect, Darth Vader should NEVER be changed to Earth Fader… Seriously. Not ever. Regards, everyone, everywhere. #StarWarsMayKit Myway


Today in 1942, the movie "Casablanca" premiered. George Lucas tried to change the ending, but we all know Rick shot first.Disalmanac
Has there been a consensus on fan-casting Dorsk 81 yet? Because if so, you’ve also cast Dorsk 82 #savedyouastep #multitask #efficiencyPablo Hidalgo
@infinata I was thinking Terrence Howard could play Dorsk 81 and Don Cheadle could play Dorsk 82Aaron Goins
Now that George Lucas has sold Star Wars, he can concentrate on his true calling… Dancing With the StarsStephen Grady
Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate my obsession with classical antiquity from my obsession with the Star Wars expanded universe.jonathan