Marvel’s first step with their new Star Wars license? A reprint.


Well, this is underwhelming: The first fruit of Marvel’s new run on Star Wars is… Their old run on Star Wars? It’s a collection called Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years. At 880 pages, it’ll run you $125, but it is the first part (#1-44) of the complete run. Zounds!

Historic, yes. Thrilling? Not so much. I can understand Marvel not wanting to take the spotlight away from today’s (lady!) Thor announcement, but ehh. Well, at least we didn’t have to watch The View.

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  1. Considering I’ve recently bought the 5 Omnibus A Long Time Ago from DH, I certainly won’t bother.

    1. It’s not going to be the whole run though. It’s got more issues than this. I guess we’ll have following omnibus reprints of the rest of it.
      Considering the price, the DH omnibuses are a much better deal, though the size is slightly reduced.

  2. as Shada is a prime example, most people who would want these comics would already have them in their Dark Horse trade or omnibus editions. for a first announcement, this seems more of a ‘is this microphone on?’ test….

    1. And is this really what they want to remind ‘new’ readers of their first time out? Seems counterproductive.

      1. Yes, especially considering the beginning of the run was really awkward. I’ve read 3 of the DH omnibuses so far and was rolling my eyes through all of the first and half the second one. It REALLY improved but it’s just not a prime example of SW comics or comics period.

      2. I agree. I read the whole thing when DH published those seven trades and it definitely got better the further in it went. But the beginning. Ehhhh, not so much.

        At that price, and with no extra content to sweeten the deal, I have no need to add this to my shelves.

  3. Is it just me or does the cover illustration of Luke Skywalker, look like Owen Wilson portraying He-Man holding a lightsaber?

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