Full of Sith delves into Shadows of the Empire

The latest episode of Full of Sith delves into Shadows of the Empire. I haven’t read the book since it came out, but I do remember one thing very clearly: Most, if not all, of Club Jade hated it due to the icky gender issues (‘skeevy’ is gentlest way to put it) re: Xizor. Bryan reads some of the worst of it out loud. Thanks, Bryan.

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  1. I remember being so excited, too, because it came with a soundtrack! It was the first real attempt at a multi-media project.

    Still sucked.

  2. It’s been quite some time since I ready Shadows but I remember enjoying it. (Given, I was much, much younger.)

    What was the general backlash?

    1. Xizor was rapey. Very rapey. Listen to the podcast; Bryan at one point calls him a “human roofie,” (well, alien roofie, but still.)

      I honestly think a lot of people (guys?) just didn’t notice, but we sure did. And yeah, he’s a bad guy, but this is Star Wars. It went a bit too far.

  3. No, I remember that very well – Xizor was the GFFA’s resident sex predator. It was definitely one of things that made you hate him as a character. I guess I just never recognized there was any sort of backlash.

    1. Our entire discussion was on the Club Jade mailing list, which is private. (I’m not sure if it was members only by this point, but probably?) I’m not sure what was said in public by others, if this was pointed out, how it was handled.

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