‘Lightsaber Lost’ gets found by reviewers

Not only do we have Stooge’s guest review of last week’s Star Wars – The Clone Wars episode, ‘Lightsaber Lost’, other reviews of the Ahsoka-centric episode have been found, with a little of Master’s Sinube’s patient detective work:

  • Big Shiny Robot points out that the episode is an homage to the Akira Kurosawa noir film, Stray Dog, and despite simplifying the original plot, is still a fun episode with well-done action and suspense.
  • TheForce.Net called it ‘really excellent’ for both story and message, and loved the visuals of Coruscant.
  • Television Zombies gives it 4 out 5 sabers, liking the new characters, and good intention, but felt it lacked vibrancy.
  • Galactic Binder points out some plausibility issues (like Ahsoka not using a Force grab to get her saber back), but likes the new characters.
  • IGN felt that it lacked the spark of other recent episodes, but was still strong enough to warrant a 7.5, with a stronger second half to it.
  • MTV’s movie blog calls it a good one, with great action and a few pleasant surprises.

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