Fairies in Red Tails? CBC gets some wires crossed

Confirmed and acknowledged: George Lucas has been working on Red Tails, a movie about World War II’s Tuskegee Airmen that’s currently in post-production.

Unconfirmed: Lucasfilm is making a CGI animated musical involving fairies.

And CBC News is a little confused:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lucas is working on the movie Red Tails at his Skywalker Ranch in California.

Plot details for the computer-animated film are not being released, but it is known that fairies play a role.

This is an actual, professional news outlet, not one of us fly-by-night, pants-of-our-seat bloggers. Bravo.

7 Replies to “Fairies in Red Tails? CBC gets some wires crossed”

  1. When I become a journalist, I’ll keep a special place in my heart for Star Wars story fact-checking. In other words, I’ll actually do the fact-checking when it comes to Star Wars stories.

  2. Naturally!

    I gotta wonder if they don’t have a copy editor/fact checker reading their web content before it gets posted. Some sites, even the pros, just don’t… (A rant for another time, place, and site entirely…)

    Of course, with the state of things in the industry these days, it’s possible they do, and they’re just overworked. (Hell, it’s possible that the same person who whipped this together is the only person doing everything else on the website.) Still, SOMEONE should have caught this before it went out to the world, particularly since they do name the (very Googleable) original source. I would think the combination of WWII and fairies is enough to warrant a doubletake even from someone not into this kind of thing.

  3. it’s an alternate history of World War II. Instead of gremlins plaguing American aviation forces, helpful fairies will keep the Tuskegee airmen on their missions.

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