Let the Halloween costume mocking officially begin!

Protip: None of these costumes will get you laid, boys.

Star Wars Shop has a bunch of standard original trilogy costumes – your cheapie Hans, Lukes, and stormtroopers and et cetera – but perhaps the most horrifying? The Jabba costume. What self-respecting adult would wear this in real life? Sadly, I’m pretty sure there are several of you out there. And I demand photos.

Though I have to love that they picked the lost Backstreet Boy to model Luke, and one of the Hardy Boys for Han.

4 Replies to “Let the Halloween costume mocking officially begin!”

  1. Oh that is truly sad. I could do better with home-made gear. Come to think of it, my home-made mushroom man was pretty awesome, I just wish I could find the pictures.
    I’m not looking forward to the cheesy Jason ripoffs with the new movie coming out. Why not have a group of Jason followers, like this: http://budurl.com/wwjdpost

  2. Yes, it never ceases to amaze me that grown-up people seem keen to appear in degrading and often quite embarrassing costumes, when there are so many flattering ones to choose from.

  3. Sorry, I love the Jabba. Granted anyone wearing it would have to not take themselves too seriously, but is that such a bad thing?

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