Bonnie Burton, Mary Franklin and Peter Vilmur teaming up for an upcoming book on Star Wars fandom

NJOE’s Max Jaybo (who, for the record, has been pretty reliable with this sort of thing) has found a listing for a new nonfiction Star Wars book:

Star Wars Generations
A Celebration of Fandom

Written by Bonnie Burton, Mary Franklin and Peter Vilmur

Category: Performing Arts – Film; Fiction – Science Fiction
Format: Trade Paperback, 256 pages
Publisher: LucasBooks
On Sale: April 2010
Price: $18.00
ISBN: 978-0-345-51162-1 (0-345-51162-X)

And Bonnie confirmed it on Twitter this evening:

@clubjade: I have 3 books coming out and that’s one of them. We haven’t done an official story yet though since we’re still writing it. ;-)

It’s clearly too soon for details or much speculation (not that that ever stopped anyone) but could the trade paperback status imply pictures? Or just something in the vein of Harry: A History? Either way, I’ll tune in.

(And of course it doesn’t hurt that the great Mary Franklin is involved! As long as cake stays out of it, anyway.)

12 Replies to “Bonnie Burton, Mary Franklin and Peter Vilmur teaming up for an upcoming book on Star Wars fandom”

  1. Interesting, very interesting. They’d better make note of the myriad of Star Wars podcasts out there on the Internet. That is to say, they’d better have a chapter on the ForceCast.

  2. Hopefully they feature FanForce in there and not just the costuming groups. There’s more to Star Wars fandom than the costuming groups….

  3. I wonder if Team Cake will be mentioned. :)

    Our various CJ stories could fill chapters all on it’s own. (The funeral, the wedding, the baby shower, the Jedi Olympics, Jedi Baseball, Todd Fisher-towel boy, Banana Man, sparklers, just to name a few…)

    This is definitely a book I’ll pick up to read as soon as it is out! Go Mary! (and Bonnie too)

  4. Yeah, there’s a TCW drawing book coming up…. Maybe in the fall?

    And a book on SW crafts was mentioned by Sue a while back.

  5. Just so you all know — Mary, Pete and I are so excited to be writing this book and want to make sure we include all kinds of SW fandom! ;-)

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