Less than 12 parsnips: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

Which leads me to hypothesize that ‘The Kessel Run’ is really just the GFFA version of Iron Chef. Or something. Also: A bit of EU, a bit of Star Wars life, and some (more) Hobbit snark.

Tweets for July 30 – August 5

Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

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Geez. All these years of needless misunderstanding. The script says "in less than 12 parsnips".Pablo Hidalgo
Meant to type "Bass Ackwards" on IMDB. Accidentally typed "Back Asswars" and got all the Star Wars movies. Um, what? #starwars #iamconfusedStephanie Vern
Viewed in its totality, “Star Wars” Episodes I thru VI can be viewed as the ultimate anti-bullying video.Alan Spencer

The Expanded Universe

Eventually scientists will learn that 1138 jokes in Star Wars expanded universe material causes cancer. Then you’ll all be sorry.Kyle Marquis
Courtship of Princess Leia has a starship named Thpffftht in it. Probably left out of the #audiobook #SWEU #billthecatPablo Hidalgo
I can’t even begin to describe how insanely excited I am for Mercy Kill in four days. Haven’t been this pumped for a #SWEU book in yearsBrian

Star Wars life

Me: Do you think Obi-Wan is dead? You think Vader killed him? The kiddo: No, he’s just invisible? #StarWarsMelvin Echols Jr.
Middle aged man with Star Wars satchel only person to offer lady his seat on packed train. They may be nerds, but they’re nice nerds.Return of the Mark
When stressed, my brain has a tendency to start getting pedantic about how the planetary ecosystems in Star Wars make no sense.Maggie Koerth-Baker
Proud nerd mom moment: Grandma offers to buy the 4yo a pair of Disney Princess shoes. She wants the Star wars shoes. :)Jen Bosier
JeremyClarkson thinks Britains better than America. My 7 year old brother’s opinion:"he’s wrong, we wouldn’t have #StarWars without America"Emma Seuffert
"I like star wars more than you.""What’s the first of the prequels called?""The phantom of the opera." Swear to God #mybrother #disownedAnnemarie MacClancy
Yoda’s famous line "Do or Do Not there is no try." is total BS. Trying and failing is how we learn. #StarWars #GeorgeLucus #YouKnowImRightMark S. Michaels

Bonus Hobbit snark!

Hipster George Lucas was making prequel trilogies BEFORE IT WAS COOLAdam Bertocci
Since when have diehard fans of a giant fantasy universe ever been disappointed by a bloated prequel trilogy?Anil Dash


Ever heard of an Empire boy band called ‘The Storm Troopers’? No? Neither have we; they never had any hits. #starwarsJedi Order PR
Threepio, no one had ever cared about how many languages in which you are fluent. #StarWarsTim Rooney
I just watched a #StarWars toy sell on eBay for $7,000. Wonder when rappers are gonna start wearing those as jewelry? #YaDigB. Goldie
It’s impossible to watch Star Wars episodes 1-3 without imagining Obi Wan Kenobi diving into a toilet looking for his opium suppositories.thatcirclejerkguy

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