Leaked photo of The Force Awakens action figures?

spoilers-swirl-broadsaberTheForce.net brings us a leaked photo of action figures for The Force Awakens. The picture originates in a Chinese forum and features four trailer characters (Rey and Finn are in different costumes, Kylo Ren head-on, BB-8 looking pretty much the same) and an old pal from the original trilogy. These could be fakes, I suppose, but who knows? (Picture, more thoughts in the comments.)

Spoilerphobes beware: Indie Revolver has taken this opportunity to show us concept art of Ren’s helmet.

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  1. tfa-figure-leak

    Presumably the first figure is Kylo Ren, which means this looks like it borks the whole Revan rumor. (GOOD.) Jason at Making Star Wars says it’s the same helmet he wrote about here, the one that resembles TCW’s Bane.

    We knew Finn wouldn’t wear the trooper armor forever, but that vest thing seems pretty McQuarrieish.

    This must mean Rey is first wave, right? (Phew.) Sorry Poe.

    I want the BB-8. Will she come with a stand?

    And Chewie. I’m guessing this means they’re reusing an old mold for his body and just re-sculpting the head and bandolier? Is he here to save money? Are Wookiee figures just really popular? IDK.

    Of course, I’m just assuming these guys are all first wave.

  2. Though some are saying otherwise, I see Rey’s outfit is the same one that she has on riding her speeder, just without the hood. Definitely looks genuine with her and Finn’s faces having a dead on resemblance.

  3. I’ll note that Finn’s right hand does not seem designed for a lightsaber, but a blaster. Note the index finger for a blaster trigger, as opposed to Kylo Ren’s right hand, which seems made for a saber. Of course, I could be reading too much into that, I suppose.

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