Knights of the Old Republic to end with #50

KOTOR #31John Jackson Miller writes about wrapping up the comic series on his blog:

We’ve been working toward the series’ climax for some time, getting pieces into place for the big finale — where we really have pulled out all the stops. Every question posed in the series (at least to my way of thinking) is addressed.

Miller goes on to say he does have another project in the works – but we’ll have to wait and see whether it’s a Star Wars or KOTOR one.

4 Replies to “Knights of the Old Republic to end with #50”

  1. That is lousy news, unless the put JJM on an Old Republic tiue-in comic (which I doubt, that’s far too logical) then we’re losing one of the best ever SW comics with a great creative team and some brilliant characters.
    I agree with Stooge – bummer!

  2. Full ACK. This really blows. Especially since so much of the Mandalorians Wars was still left to be dealt with. Malachor V alone could have filled a story arc. I hope JJM gets to do another SW series.

  3. This is pretty surprising. I would think that KOTOR would be a good comic to continue with up until, and during, the launch of The Old Republic. Also it seems as though the main storyline ended a while ago. I like where it’s been going, but it seems to be winding down already, not building up.

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