Kathleen Kennedy attending Celebration Europe

Kathleen KennedyThe president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, will be heading to Germany for her first Celebration in July, Reed revealed today.

“When I joined Lucasfilm, I immediately saw the true passion shared by Star Wars fans around the world,” Kennedy says. “I’m thrilled to attend my first Star Wars Celebration and see in person that energy that makes the Star Wars experience so special.”

Kennedy is executive producing Episode VII, so there’s a chance we might actually get some movie information…

2 Replies to “Kathleen Kennedy attending Celebration Europe”

  1. Nice. Now please bring in Mark Hamill, record a video message from Harrison Ford and confirm what everyone is banking on anyway. :-)

  2. Why does Star Wars hate America?

    All joking aside, I can’t wait for this because I am hungry for information and it is lunch time.

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