Another hint at what Dave Filoni is working on?

Screenshot: Dave Filoni plays with classic TIE.

In this very short video clip posted by @StarWars, Dave Filoni shows off a vintage TIE fighter toy. It’s for research! We do know he’s been playing with TIEs lately..

Yakface offers up a theory:

Well, it’s better than Thunderbirds, anyway!

14 Replies to “Another hint at what Dave Filoni is working on?”

  1. Perhaps an animated series, in the style of The Clone Wars, focusing on Stormtroopers in the Empire?

  2. The epic adventures of Vader’s 501st?

    Or even better yet, a Rogue Squadron TV series?

  3. Must not get hopes up for a starfighter show. Must not get hopes up for a starfighter show. Must not…

  4. The concept art that probably follows that “research” isn’t in the style of toys at all really. So I doubt that it really “ties” into the toys.

    I personally love the Thunderbirds style and I’m hoping the style remains. I liked where it ended up by season 3.5.

  5. And there’s more: Courtesy of an observant reader of my page, the picture on the upper right can be found via Google. It’s called 5546889492_d864ed2a1e_o.jpg and leads to Flickr, showing a poster of the TV show Gargoyles. The show’s creator’s name is Greg Weisman, and if you scan the lower right part of Filoni’s desktop, you will find a folder called SK_DF_GW which leads to the assumption that DF is Filoni and GW is Greg Weisman. The SK..? Who knows. :-)

    BTW, guys: I really missed these weird hints. :-)

  6. Huh, that’s actually a pretty cool guess. The best I could come up with was Seth Kearsley because he has an animation background and worked with Disney in the past. But Kinberg… Yeah, makes sense to me.

  7. Greg Weisman is great. His most recent series was TCW’s Saturday morning companion, Young Justice. Hopefully he’s involved.

  8. And the “SlipThruFingers” folder has to mean something, right? Maybe a reference to Leia’s quote to Tarkin:

    “The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems slip through your fingers.”

  9. Well, I’m starting to get excited about this new series. Here’s my wishlist for it: same animation and quality as TCW. It want it to have some characters (and voice actors) from TCW (Ahsoka!). I want it to go as dark as TCW. I want it to avoid to have kids aimed episodes like TCW sometimes did. I’m pretty much asking for a flawless TCW. TCW already being incredible, I fear I’m getting my hopes too high, but I need something hope about after the cancellation of TCW. And if this show is that hope, I’m willing to take it. But I think that it’s really a waste to end TCW if the new show is actually happening between two trilogies; they could’ve just continued TCW beyond Revenge of the Sith. The show having been written to connect with the movies after eight seasons, the timing would’ve been perfect; it would have reached the time between the trilogies around the release of episode 7. Actually maybe it would have a bit later, but they could’ve easily done it in time by cutting out the inevitable less important and kid’s aimed story arcs. Wouldn’t that have been awesome? Two TCW seasons with just important story arcs and then a transition to the dark times around the release of episode 7. Now that’s something I would be totally be happy about.

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