Jon Favreau drops some details on his Star Wars TV show

While Star Wars Twitter was all aflutter about Ewan McGregor attending last night’s Solo premiere (in light of the afternoon’s big rumor), it was Star Wars TV guy Jon Favreau who ended up slipping us some news. Favreau, who voices Rio Durant in the film, first told Anthony Carboni on the official livestream that he’s written about half of the first season of his upcoming streaming show.

Then he told Nerdist that show is set seven three years after Return of the Jedi, will feature all new characters, and use cutting edge tech.

We now have the video, and it turns out that Favreau said that the show is set seven years after the Battle of Yavin (A New Hope), not Endor. The original trilogy takes place over approximately four years, so that places it… Three years after Endor, and after the Battle of Jakku, which is about a year after ROTJ.

In addition to writing, Favreau is executive producing the series, which will be part of Disney’s streaming service. The service is expected to launch next year, but there’s no ETA yet on the series.

For the Marvel fans, he also told Carboni that Happy Hogan will be back in next May’s Avengers 4.