It’s all right, you can trust him. He’s our new master: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Jan. 21-27

@BilgeEbiri: George Lucas: "In my original outline, I had always intended for JJ Abrams to direct Episode 7."

Last week, it was J.J. Abrams, J.J. Abrams and.. okay, mostly J.J. Abrams. And I promise you only one of them mentions lens flare, which is far better than the average.

Best #StarWars tweets for Jan 21-28

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George Lucas: "In my original outline, I had always intended for JJ Abrams to direct Episode 7."Bilge Ebiri
Artoo was quite the primadona today. Franklin
U know Star Wars is science fiction because not once, in 6 films, was a lightsaber used to cut food, and that’s just unbelievable. #starwarsKaung Ko
most important #StarWars news of the week: Liz Lemon has her hubby’s photo in a Lando costume on her phone #30Rock #willmissyouJames Floyd
OH at work: "Does Grievous ever sound like Cookie Monster to you?"Jennifer Heddle

Episode VII and J.J. Abrams

He’s directing, if you hadn’t heard. Like you couldn’t hear.
Wait, can you really direct STAR TREK ~and~ STAR WARS? Doesn’t that open up some kind of nerd wormhole?Josh Dickey
THIS JUST IN: Han Solo and Princess Leia’s three daughters will be played by Keri Russell, Jennifer Garner and Anna Torv. #JJAbramsStarWarsMichael Ausiello
5 minutes after the news breaks, score nerds everywhere simultaneously realize this probably means Michael Giacchino doing a Star Wars movieBobby
If this is true, then J.J. Abrams is officially the annoying kid in school who got all the toys for Christmas. ALL THE TOYS.Darren Franich
On the one hand, I’m thrilled #JJAbrams will be directing the new #StarWars, on the other is mostly intricate wiring and cybernetic gears.Jason O’Mara
OK @starwars and @StarTrek fans, you now have to love each other once and for all. You’re both amazing. No more excuses. #episodeVII #jjDavid Collins
Remember the episode of Felicity where they were waiting in line for Phantom Menace to open? If only J.J. knew…Eric Goldman
We’ve all been hoping for a next Star Wars to be AS good….but what if it’s BETTER?Dan Trachtenberg
Breaking: @GregGrunberg to cameo as an ill-fated starfighter pilot in opening sequence of JJ Abrams’ STAR WARS VIIMichael Ausiello
Dude, JJ Abrams spent 400million dollars of Paramount’s money as a demo reel for this. Awesome.Brian Pachinger
Abrams doing Star Wars proves my original comment post Disney-Lucas buy: Kathleen Kennedy is Magic. Do not underestimate her.Christina Warren
The villain in Star Wars VII is Khan.Mike Ryan
I am jealous of a generation of kids who get to grow up with a J.J. film as their first Star Wars movie.Olly Moss
Whatever. I didn’t wanna direct "Star Wars" anyway.Daniel Fienberg
Guys. Guys. If #JJAbramsStarWars is true, can we all promise to wear glasses like his to the premiere?Andrew Lupi
The "almost" Ben Affleck thing is hilarious. Dude was going to get Star Wars after movie about faking a bad Star WarsDa7e Gonzales
Ten years from now, J.J. Abrams will re-reboot "Battlestar Galactica," and then he will just start buying actual stars.Darren Franich
The only bad thing about JJ Abrams directing the new #StarWars movie is having to listen to everyone’s opinons about it.Aaron Bleyaert
On a scale between "volcanically" to "universe-rending," how pissed do you think Paramount is right now?Bobby
So the real villain in Star Trek Into Darkness turns out to be Kathleen Kennedy. Now that’s a twist!Jim Vejvoda
Hey, JJ Abrams. You know…you know…Zachary Levi
I’m not naming names, but a lot of your jokes show an EXTREMELY poor understanding of Star Wars canon.Mike Drucker
Poor Abrams. He still needs to promote Star Trek, and you just know every question will be about Star Wars.WolvieCBM
Why JJ Abrams is a good choice for Star Wars: because he is a storyteller who values mystery and discovery in storytelling.Chuck Wendig
I wonder if any 35-50 year-old white dudes will have strong opinions about the J.J. Abrams/Star Wars thing.CeCe Pleasants
Today a news anchor said the words "intergalactic nerd fight." I may or may not have been responsible.YZ Freedman
We are proud to announce that we just signed George Lucas to write and direct the third Star Trek film!Fake Paramount
Here, let me handle this:1) JJ Abrams uses lens flare!2) “JJ” can stand for “Jar Jar”!There. Let’s all move on. #starwars #EpisodeVIIKarl
10 things JJ Abrams need to do to make Star Wars great: 1. Ignore the internet. 2. Ignore the internet. 3. Ignore the internet. 4. Ignore thDave Itzkoff
Exhausted carrier pigeon brings word! Wake the semaphore boy, good man!Pablo Hidalgo
Abrams is 100% the right choice. Super 8 was very much a JJ directed Spielberg movie, so he’ll be able to ROCK #EpisodeVII.Brian
Bringing on Lawrence Kasdan to consult was a brilliant move. It instantly elevates the film’s credibility in the eyes of the OT-only fans.William Devereux
J.J. Abrams has officially decided to join Lucasfilm and, together, rule the galaxy.Beggs
I’ve seen my share of threesomes but Bad Robot-Disney-LucasFilm is gonna put them all to shame #StarWarsVIIChoppah™
And because there was a whole week before that
I trust some enterprising studio or filmmaker is working on a George Lucas biopic for release a month before Star Wars VII.Paul Ens
How many random Star Wars VII rumors have we missed while discussing Beyonce not lip-syncing? Where are our bullshit priorities, America?Joseph Scrimshaw

The Expanded Universe

Just read the first chunk of Troy Denning’ CRUCIBLE. Enjoying it a lot and I’m not even at the really good stuff yet.Jennifer Heddle
Off for a second day of work in the film archives. Wish I could say more–but will be able to in a few months.J. W. Rinzler
The 4th Expanse book is currently titled "Dave". Our creativity well has run dry. "Han da Man" probably not passing SW muster either. sighJames.S.A.Corey
C’mon, guys. If nothing else, #SWEU stuff written before Lucas decided Luke and Leia were siblings is HILARIOUS.M. R. Bowers
Scoundrels is officially an object lesson in #SWEU plot, continuity, and characterization done right.Brian
Ask Twitter about phone apps: zero responses. Ask Twitter about General Grievous stories: dozens of replies. These are my followers. #SWEUBrian

Star Wars life

I’m pretty sure I just unknowingly donated a #StarWars action figure to #Goodwill worth $6,000. #WhoopsJoseph J. Langan
Have you seen the latest Star Wars party craze? Pin the bun on Princess Leia! #starwars Universe
Explained to 8yo that the "This Is CNN" guy is also Darth Vader’s voice. Him: "CNN is kind of like the Empire"James Poniewozik
Child looking at my figures: "who is that?" Me: "That’s #IndianaJones" Child: "Let’s put him over here since he’s not a #StarWars figure"paul depaola


If you don’t have a lot of friendships where complaining about sand instantly makes you both crack Anakin jokes then I feel sorry for you.Bria
"Do we really smell that bad on the outside? I don’t think that’s a fair assessment, really." — overheard at the Tauntaun barScott Weinberg
If you read Yoda’s dialogue in a Cockney accent, he sounds more like Fagin than Grover. Cockneys aren’t known for their syntax, I guess.YZ Freedman
Is it too late for President Obama to build a Death Star? Because Manhattan has become Hoth, and I want some kind of defense against wampas.Scott Bixby

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Oh, and, by the way, we did a pretty neat thing on Twitter Thursday where a whole bunch of us webmastery types shared our knowledge of running Star Wars sites. (There’s a Storify. It’s huge.) It was pretty cool! So of course there was a book announced, and then… You know. And I forgot to write an actual entry about it. Check it out.

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  1. “5 minutes after the news breaks, score nerds everywhere simultaneously realize this probably means Michael Giacchino doing a Star Wars movie”

    …I may be guilty as charged there (but I adore the Star Trek soundtrack so I’m okay with that.)

  2. I could be totally wrong on this, but I think that Stargate never got the big appeal that Star Wars and Star Trek and BSG got was that it never really appealed or marketed to children. Granted, the syfy BSG was definitely not for children, but it pulled from the original which was the closest thing kids had to SW on TV back in the day. Stargate came so much later, and i dont know if it ever got popular with a kid set.

  3. And while Stargate was apparently enough of a ratings workhorse that Sci-Fi/SyFy gave them, what? Three, four separate shows? Which they reran constantly? But SG never had anywhere near the cultural impact that SW, ST, or even (rebooted) BSG did. Hell, even Firefly at the very least proved to be a valuable object lesson for TV execs on how to handle genre shows with rabid fanbases.

    But, who knows. If Doctor Who can come back eventually and even gain critical acclaim, maybe there’s hope for Stargate as well.

  4. Forget Stargate coming back, I need more Farscape. There’s not nearly enough Muppet in my sci-fi these days.

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