Indy IV, The Clone Wars up for Saturn Awards

The nominations for the 35th Annual Saturn Awards are out, with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull scoring five nominations, including Best Science Fiction Film and nods for both Harrison Ford and Shia LeBouf. The Clone Wars also picked up two nominations, one for Best Animated Movie and another for Best Syndicated/Cable series.

The Saturns are presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films to honor genre film and tv, so pretty much everything of note has a nod. The Dark Knight leads with 11 total. Expect to hear about the winners in June.

3 Replies to “Indy IV, The Clone Wars up for Saturn Awards”

  1. I think sci-fi would take a huge hit to an already misunderstood genre if the Saturns even considered Kingdom for anything but a funeral pyre.

    Might as well through Battlefield Earth and Howard the Duck into that category.

  2. Hellboy 2 is in the Horror Movie category? Hancock is Fantasy, Iron Man and Incredible Hulk are sci-fi, and Dark Knight is Action. maybe they just need a superhero category…

  3. Five? Really? Even if there were Indiana Jones Awards, it would lose out to that last Mummy movie.

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