Ice and camels: Dispatches from the Episode VII cast

John Boyega particularly has been very sharey this week… Nothing particularly sensitive, but it is fun to get these quick glimpses. More Instagrams and tweets beneath the cut – including, finally, confirmation that that is Daisy Ridley’s Twitter. (If the photo wasn’t enough…)

Ridley’s real Twitter has been a bit of an ongoing mystery, but if you can’t trust a co-star, who can you trust?

Meanwhile, Carrie Fisher celebrated her daughter Billie’s graduation from NYU:

And Peter Mayhew is headed off:

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  1. A couple of things that are interesting about these little bits and pieces:

    1. We never get to see Ms. Ridley which might mean that her hairstyle or looks might give away something. Could she be wearing the family buns, perhaps?
    2. The Big Three (and Chewie) don’t seem to be in Abu Dhabi. No return to Tatooine for Luke, then?
    3. If the new heroes – and it seems Boyega plays one of them – are on Tatooine, could that mean that the rumors about two rather different adventures for the old and the new generation were true?

    Ah, I love the smell of speculation in the morning…

    1. In the Boyega ice pic, maybe, she could be in costume (or recently enough out of it that her hair is still done) because that looks like they could be set-adjacent. The ice does imply he was recently doing – or practicing – action stuff. But in the camel pics they’re on the way to set, and it’d be silly to do hair and all off-site, before a camel ride, anyway.

      We know Ford was in Cannes recently, Fisher was in NY (or maybe… Wales? Could be an old pic, though, or Gary is staying with someone else while she went back to the states briefly.) Hamill unknown, but he’s pretty good at keeping his mouth shut… They could any and all of them be on Tatooine, but only in interiors shot in London. Or hell, maybe we only see them at the beginning and/or the end and this Tatooine stuff is in the middle…

      Ugh, and I’m trying to stay away from speculating. This is NOT going to turn into ‘Where in the World Are The Original Trilogy Actors,’ right?

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