Hunger Games has the third biggest debut of all time

The Hunger Games is more than living up to box office speculation: With $155 million, now the third-highest domestic debt of all time, and the first that’s not a sequel. (It came in behind only The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.)

The film is, not surprisingly, drawing in more men than Twilight, with women compromising 61% of the opening weekend crowd. (The audience of the last Twilight film was 80% female.) It’s also doing well across the country – a Utah theater had the weekend’s highest gross.

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2 Replies to “Hunger Games has the third biggest debut of all time”

  1. They did a beautiful job adapting it. Very smart to keep Ms Collins on the writing staff. It moved me in all the ways the book did.

    As I’ve complained in other places, the handheld camera was overused. But still a rockin’ film.

    Oh. And you could almost hear the rolling eyes when the Twilight trailer came on.

  2. Hoping to get out to see it this week. Really looking forward to it. The shaky handheld camera part concerns me, but that’s somewhat expected as it’s a pretty standard trick to hide violence that would result in a tougher MPAA rating.

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