Her Universe’s Celebration Europe exclusives

Her Universe Darth Vader dressHer Universe LE Filoni teeHer Universe multilingual MTFBWY tee

Here’s a closer look at Her Universe’s exclusives for Celebration Europe. In addition to many of the new products that debuted for Star Wars Weekends, you’ll also see this Darth Vader dress, limited edition Ahsoka tee featuring Dave Filoni artwork, and a tee that features ‘May the Force Be With You in multiple languages.

UPDATE: The Darth Vader dress, while debuting at Celebration Europe, is NOT an exclusive. You’ll be able to get it on the Her Universe site and at SDCC, per Ashley.

8 Replies to “Her Universe’s Celebration Europe exclusives”

  1. I don’t even wear dresses and I want that Vader dress. It’s ADORABLE!

    And I like the May the Force be with you shirt.

    And I need to start playing the lottery so I can win tons and tons of money and buy whatever I want!

  2. oooh, I really like the Ahsoka tee. I hope there’s a way to get it after CE, for those of us who can’t make the trip.

    I agree that the Vader dress is adorable.

  3. I love the Vader dress but I am so upset that it’s an exclusive to Europe. They need to add everything to the Her Universe website!

  4. Actually, the way I read this, it’s only the Ahsoka shirt that’s exclusive. The Vader Dress is just debuting there?

    1. Email/press release says: “A Celebration Europe exclusive Darth Vader dress using art Eckstein has loved from Japanese tea towels.”

      It’s not extremely limited ala Ahsoka, but “exclusive” does make me think it might not make it to the regular line.

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