Attack of the Clones 3D to screen at Celebration Europe

Attack of the Clones

It may not be coming to a theater near you anytime soon, but Attack of the Clones 3D will be heading to Germany for Celebration Europe II in July. Reed today announced that exclusive screenings of the converted film will be shown for ” an extremely limited engagement.”

They’ve also revealed the art show prints, which are now up for pre-order.

Other recent CEII news: Ashley Eckstein will be attending, and there will be a limited edition Her Universe dress and tee avaliable, as well as 200 of the Return of the Jedi necklaces.

11 Replies to “Attack of the Clones 3D to screen at Celebration Europe”

  1. Extremely frustrating. Most of us can’t wing over the pond to Germany.

  2. Yeah, I am really jealous. But if they do show it at the next U.S. Celebration, I’m in and in. I want Star Wars 3D in my eyeballs.

  3. Y’know, I’m not all that broken up about missing the AOTC 3D (unless they have cool 3D glasses). Even though it has beautiful sets and costumes, I have never connected with that story.

    But I definitely want to see ROTS in 3D. Maybe someday….

  4. Honestly, I’d just rather they re-release all 6 in 2D again. Start at Ep. I and do one per year for 6 years and then start over again.

  5. Excellent idea – I know I’d be on board every year for a Star Wars film on the big screen. and I’d go multiple times, too. and I really connected with that story – AotC. and I want Star Wars 3D in my eyeballs too, Jason. Lake Como/Lake Retreat in 3D. I’d buy an entirely new delivery system for the promise of that. Also want to see The Homestead in all her glory to the max, to the eyeballs.

  6. I agree, Lin. I want the arena sequence in 3D.

    One of the coolest visual additions for Episode II was the ligtsaber fight in the dark between Dooku and Anakin. That would have to be fun in 3D too, I would imagine.

  7. looking at the Art show prints: Shea Standefer’s piece has Mara Jade as Arica in ‘The Dancer’s Pit.’

  8. >>I’m not all that broken up about missing the AOTC 3D (unless they have cool 3D glasses)

    @Paula: Unlucky you, they have indeed announced “cool 3D glasses”. ;-)
    But personally, even though I’ll attend CE2, I couldn’t care less. In my opinion, AOTC was a failed attempt at giving the notoriously obnoxious “true fans” crowd a prequel restart, and although it had enormous potential the end result couldn’t have been more mediocre. And I’m not just talking about Anakin’s wet dream moment, the whole “I love sand” situation, and the really bad “Where’s Obi-Wan’s beard” pick-up shot mess but about the editing, the music, the pacing, the superfluous Yoda fight, the superfluous droid factory stuff, the superfluous Coruscant chase sequence, etc.
    Not that I like ROTS but it – at least – had great visual effects and a fairly organized structure (apart from the opening which led nowhere and took forever).
    I’m ranting again, aren’t I? Honestly, I’m sorry, my off-switch must be broken again. :-o

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