Hate leads to boomerangs: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Dec. 3-9

The philosophical underpinnings of Angry Birds, some holiday cheer, the Lucasfilm holiday party, How I Met Your Mother plot holes and more in our roundup of last week’s best Star Wars tweets.

Best #StarWars tweets for Dec. 3-9

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How can angry birds be the jedi? Doesn’t anger lead to hate and hate lead to the dark side? #angrybirds #starwarsDean Edwards
…A fair point.
No word of a lie, I showed my 3 yr old Empire Strikes Back. First time she’s seen a non CGI Yoda. Her reaction was simply, "Oh, he’s real!"Simon Pegg
Pet peeve: putting a long high slit in Leia’s dress from ANH. Oh, I’m sorry, is she only worthy to you if she’s flashing some leg?Jennifer Heddle
Since the people that broke into my car stole a model X-Wing, I’m suspecting Jawas but you can never rule out sand people #StarWars #thievesJonesy
Whenever I walk through an American Girl store, I just imagine that I’m on a routine inspection of a cloning facility on Kamino. #StarWarsJace Murray
George Lucas announces that "war" is not something he wants to promote, officially renames entire franchise Star Tales. #2013PredictionPaul Young
Building a Lego Jawa sandcrawler out of a used set and salvage parts, which is strangely like actually BEING a Jawa. #hanukkahJames Poniewozik
I cried a little bit when Liz Lemon decided she wanted to have a real wedding, then cried when she got married in her Princess Leia costumeMindy Kaling
George Lucas should buy Star Trek with his Disney money and add head ridges to Klingons in the original series. #truth #greedoshotfirstMatthew J
It’s that time of year where I have to just bring up the fact that Bon Jovi’s first release was the Star Wars Christmas album.No, really.Heilemann
If you have enough hairs on/in/around your ears, can you make people refer to you as Yoda? Maybe only if shave them you do not, hmm? Hmm?Paul S. Kemp

Lucasfilm holiday party

Only at the Lucasfilm Holiday party… #LucasfilmCulture http://pic.twitter.com/SXL0524LILM Visual Effects
Lucasfilm holiday party serviced by the elusive Butterfly Bartender. Accidental wings FTW! http://pic.twitter.com/tTJ1lK8OIsabelle
Raising the roof at the Lucasfilm Holiday Party #LucasfilmCulture http://pic.twitter.com/70bw7WeWILM Visual Effects

Watching the films

Han Solo acts all cool but he can’t even have a conversation with a dude over an intercom. #StarWars. #HansoloAndrew Davies
My coworker just finished the PT and asked to borrow the OT again. I told him I’ll have him at a convention with me yet. #indoctrinationginchy_amanda
"Look, Ma! No hands!" said Count Duku, as he obliviously foreshadowed his inevitable career as a Sith amputee. #StarWarsJole Sanchez

Episode VII

Disney causes the biggest plothole How I Met Your Mother ever made by buying Lucasfilm.Hutchinson
I don’t even care about much about Star Wars, but I would make watching a Fincher Episode VII my JOB. *WHAT EVEN.*Cleolinda Jones
Correction: I care about Natalie Portman’s costumes in the prequel trilogy. Bring unto me a senator with eight-pound headdresses!Cleolinda Jones
I wonder if an Episode VII would bring an accompanying brand-new Christmas special, and if they would additionally do it for the lulz.Cleolinda Jones
I really hope Jar Jar Binks returns in the #StarWars sequels as a bitter old Jedi hating lizard.Derfpenscheid
Tron 3 was obviously announced after the Lucasfilm acquisition so they can set it in the game Jedi Arena. By obviously I mean hopefully.Christopher Campbell

The Expanded Universe

#StarWars Scoundrels by Tim Zahn finished books! On sale 1/1/13. #SWEU #ZahnSolo http://pic.twitter.com/VfHPRhsVStarWarsBooks
"Webinar" is the shittest planet in the Star Wars expanded universe.Hughes.
Perfect comment from Shelly Shapiro on a possible outline: "Frank [Parisi], I think, prefers the giant space monster." cc: @DelReyStarWarsJennifer Heddle
When listening to the Black Album by Metallica I associate it with reading the Thrawn Trilogy #starWars #deepThoughts #weirdJoseph Baranowski

Star Wars life

OH in the honors dorm lobby: "We need something that will make her break down and cry. Like #StarWars episode two!"#finalsweekstuffedEskimo
If I ever mysteriously drop dead, can someone please make sure I’m buried in a coffin shaped like the Millennium Falcon? Thanks! #StarWarsJohann Holek
Called someone a "youngling" today at work without realizing I was quoting Star Wars. My life is complete. #starwarsAlex J. MacIsaac
Just got questioned by the police about why were stopped in byker. Too tempted to say ‘we’re not the girls you’re looking for’ #starwarsEsti H
Wouldn’t it be so cute to feed an Ewok some Teddy Graham Crackers.. No? Just me? Mmkay. #starwarsAngela Rae
Remember, shoveling snow is fun if you pretend you’re in the Rebel Alliance digging trenches on Hoth. #StarWarsChris
One of my student’s parents asked me if I really was as obsessed with #StarWars as her son said I was. Yes. Most definitely yes.Christina Farley


At this rate we’ll soon get a trilogy of Firefly prequels, written & directed by Michael Bay.brx0
Boy, this Han Solo character is a total Firefly ripoff.Ed Brubaker
George Lucas is thinking, "In ten years I’ll be able to make Eli Wallach out of pixels." http://pic.twitter.com/qbW9LRZe (@PeterAPeel)Matt Zoller Seitz
One thing George Lucas never gets enough credit for is his thick head of hair. Godlike. Haters be damnedEric Wheeler
George Lucas plans park w/ statues of Yoda & Indiana Jones. For fans of his other movies, "Willow" star Val Kilmer plans to live in the parkDorothy Diggs
I don’t care what Mariah Carey wants for Christmas. All I want are the technical readouts of the Death Star. #starwarsJedi PR

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