Hasbro solicits The Force Awakens toys, but they won’t be bringing any to Toy Fair

the-force-awakensLast night brought Rebelscum with a listing of The Force Awakens toys that are currently being solicited. Hasbro has covered their tracks pretty well as far as Episode VII information – most everything is ‘hero’ and ‘villain’ and such – but Making Star Wars has some analysis. There is a remote control droid that I fervently hope is BB-8, because who doesn’t want that?

(And don’t forget, spoilerphobes, that we may have already seen a Black Series leak.)

In any case, don’t expect to see these toys legitimately at the upcoming Toy Fair in New York – Hasbro sent out a press release that they won’t be showing any of their The Force Awakens stuff. Pity, because certainly they have something that only ‘reveals’ the same things we saw in the trailer? Like, say, a remote controlled BB-8? An X-wing? Rey and her speeder? Perhaps they’re saving those sort of reveals for Celebration or SDCC?

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  1. They don’t need to do any marketing for TFA toys. So why risk any spoilers by showing something? This doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  2. The lame part is that instead of the cool merch being shown by them officially with great photography, we’re going to start getting Chinese factory worker cell phone pics of these things in production instead. Its a bummer and highly unrealistic. I’ve already been approached about buying pics and protos. I’ve declined, of course.

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