Growing up Star Wars: 1977-1985

Growing up Star Wars: 1977-1985

This group on Flickr lets fans share their childhood pics and drawings. Above, the Fleming brothers and friends celebrate Halloween in 1977.

This inspired our latest poll, which you can find under the cut.

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3 Replies to “Growing up Star Wars: 1977-1985”

  1. I love the home-made stuff from back then. (Y’know, way back in the olden days….)

    There was just such a passion to it.

  2. Alas, I fall through the cracks on the poll. I’m too young to have seen them in theaters, but fell in love with the movies on video soon after. Yet, somehow, I missed seeing the Special Editions in theaters (a combination of senior year of high school drama, and the fact that I lived 50 miles from the nearest theater at the time). So, I fall somewhere between Options 2 and 3.

  3. 50 miles? Dude.

    I have very fond memories of the SEs… We actually would go and line up for them, even though lining up for like the third showing on a Friday (after school!) was kind of useless… ROTJ was the same day I had my first campus visit at my university. But my friends were into it too, which was pretty cool. Though they beat my ass at SW Trivial pursuit.

    I still have that Luke figure somewhere.

    …I might have seen ROTJ in 1983, but I don’t remember. I do remember Search for Spock, though.

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