Gonna dress you up in fan love

TFN ran across the site for a line of ROTS fabric. It’s just plain hideous to me, but I’m sure someone will appreciate being able to wear an image of Darth Vader across their bum. Classic Trilogy fabric should be released within the year.

3 Replies to “Gonna dress you up in fan love”

  1. I don’t know who they get to design these, but they’re big on very large designs. I guess they think we’ll only be making curtains, or something?

    The Vader cloth looks very KISS to me. The rockers will like that one.

    The other cloth has possibilities for quilts, as does the wall hanging. I can work with this. I’m just glad to see something come out!

  2. The patch one isn’t so bad…it would make nice sheets for a kids bed. Plus the contrast of the red/green/blue makes a neat pattern.

    But the Vader’s Revenge one? Kinda looks like Vader’s releasing a Gangsta album, or possibly German neo-nazi punk. Something like that. The teen fanboys will love it, which makes me think that staff at craft stores all across the U.S. are going to be in for some interesting experiences when it’s released. :)

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