Give your blood to save Moonlight?

As usual, the genre show fates hang in the balance as we move towards the end of a very strange season.

Since Moonlight is one of those, the fans have come up with a unique attention-getter that, for once, doesn’t deluge studios with condiments they can’t use.  Yes, the fans want you to donate blood towards a goal that will get CBS’ attention.

Series star Alex O’Loughlin is thrilled by the idea and hopes to add to the fun by becoming a Red Cross spokesperson, himself.


3 Replies to “Give your blood to save Moonlight?”

  1. This show’s still on? I thought people lost interest when Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd slept together.

    … wait, what?


  2. that’s pretty clever. Vampires and bloodbanks. Like chocolate and peanut butter, only kind of runnier.

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