Gate Geek – New Gates, New Worlds

Our first inkling of the premise behind the upcoming third Stargate series!  Brad Wright told GateWorld that it’s set on an Ancient’s ship that was sent out to seed new gates.  And yes, it uses the ninth chevron.

In the meantime, they’re going back to rework the SG1 Pilot.  Not one of SG1’s better offerings, the hope is to not only improve the special effects, but to fix some of the story and scoring issues.  (Did they learn nothing from the Special Editions?)

Something that probably won’t have issues is Continuum.  The second straight-to-DVD movie (which had its cast and crew viewing this weekend) will be released July 29th!

2 Replies to “Gate Geek – New Gates, New Worlds”

  1. A pilot special edition, huh? While part of me is a bit curious to see which aspects will actually get tweaked, the most of me is having a really bad feeling about this.

  2. Yeah. It seems odd that they’d go back and mess with history.

    The pilot is hardly my favorite, but it does seem like an awful lot of effort to “fix” things.

    Is there an equivalent to “Han shot first?” Is it “Share’ was nude.” ::smirk::

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