George squeezed Jar-Jar: Best #StarWars and #StarWarsCVI tweets of the past (several) weeks

I’m a little behind on this, mostly because, oh, that huge convention a week or so past. In any case, here are some of the best tweets out of Celebration and DragonCon and whatever else was going around from August 20th to September 2nd.

Best tweets for August 20-Sept. 2

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After "STAR WARS DETOURS," LucasFilm continues branding expansion with "FIFTY SHADES OF THE FORCE" #safetywordewokChristopher Kubasik
My Star Wars action figure collection goes from Admiral Ackbar to Zuckuss.Dave Itzkoff
What with Chewie’s hollering and my tweeting, I’m surprised the whole Empire isn’t in my timeline. #starwarsJedi Order PR
In the Star Wars prequels, there are very few mustaches. Apparently mustaches only became trendy once the Galactic Empire took over.Kevin Tiernan

Celebration VI

A herd of Ice Cream Maker Guys just ran past me. Only at #StarWarsCVI!
George Lucas look alike in the lobby has convinced several Asian tourists he’s George. They’re all bowing. HYSTERICAL.Katie Cook
My highlight of #StarWarsCVI: Seeing George Lucas squeeze the Jar Jar whoopee cushion we designed for the show store.
It’s always great to catch up with a dear old friend! #bestfriends Hamill
"I had a dream that Chewbacca was my best friend" is every #StarsWarsCVI attendee’s least favorite phrase.Amy Ratcliffe
"Dear Vader, You said that if I came to the Dark side, you would give me cookies?" @HallmarkPR Universe
Darth Caedus: "I was walking around with a Tenel Ka." Tyler: "Was she missing an arm?" DC: "I’m working on it." #StarWarsCVI #SWEUDunc
Behind the scenes at #starwarscvi starring @missingwords and @kristensays Pugh
A guy next to me at the screening assumed I got my Rebel tattoo b/c of my boyfriend. I set him straight. I may not have been nice about it.Amy Ratcliffe
The #501st in all their glory at #starwarscvi Doty
Though still infinitesimal, Celebration Europe II being in Germany increases the likelihood of Heidi Klum attending.Pablo Hidalgo
Congratulations! #StarWarsCVI Wars


At #StarWarsCVI , you feel like Luke Skywalker & can take on the whole Empire. Then you get home & feel like Dengar.StarWarsin60Minutes
Star Tours is the only correct response to #starwarscvi post-con depression Young
back to work after Celebration VI, weird to look around and not see costumes or people in Star Wars shirts #StarWarsCVIanthony overkamp
Thank you, each of you, for your kind words on Celebration VI, and for adding so much to the show, too. It’s an honor to be part of it!Mary Franklin
I’m emptying my suitcase of #StarWarsCVI swag so have a bit of my Death Star Lantern already up in my collection room


Leia and Mickey Mouse, nose-to-nose at #DragonCon
Fun quote from #DragonCon: "No one believes walking into the women’s bathroom was an accident when you’re dressed as Tony Stark."Joseph Scrimshaw
Mara and Mirax are not amused. #sweu
"They have Star Wars in communist China…Americans have no excuse to have not seen it!" #DragonCon #quotesfromdragonconStar Wars at D*C


So Stackpole just compared the Anakin/Padme relationship to a Sweet Valley High novel. #SWEUTosche Station
I unabashedly love the X-Wing novels. Blowing through Rogue Squadron brings the best Bantam years rushing back. #SWEU @MikeStackpoleAndrew Liptak
If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the Expanded Universe, it’s this: Bothans are dicks. #StarWarsFactsJay Malone
Watching Clone Wars, discussing how Freedon Nadd is the worst #sweu name ever. Husband says: "At least it wasn’t ‘Radon Nads.’ " #starwarsThe Jedibrarian


If you think the worst thing about @starwars episode 1 was Jarjar, you’ve never seen Liam Neeson’s wig in HD on an 80" screen #mesanotinksoJeff Lassiter
Remember in Star Wars when R2-D2 probes that computer to shut down the garbage smasher? SEXIEST THING EVER!!SarcasticRover
Lucas does not know when to quit restoring Star Wars. Mira

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