Genre TV Aftermath

Let us enjoy this strike-free period (until the actors threaten to strike, that is) and see who’s going to be attempting to do what with genre TV, now that the writer’s strike is over. This is gleaned from various sources.

  • Battlestar Galactica – They managed 14 episodes before the strike. It looks like they’ll show the first 10 in the April 4 run and then pick up the last 10 in the fall or early 2009.
  • Bionic Woman – No big surprise. She’s dead, Jim.
  • Chuck – It won’t be back until the fall, but it will be back!
  • Heroes – They’re going to forgo new episodes in favor of regrouping with a series bible and moving things back to the Season 1 vibe. But it looks like they’re going to try for a late summer start.
  • Journeyman – Also dead, Jim.
  • Lost – No game plan announced, as of yet, but signs are pointing to trying to finish out this season.
  • Moonlight – Could be back with some new episodes this season? Could be cancelled? Apparently, this show’s looking a little shaky.
  • Reaper – Some new episodes in April or May
  • Smallville – Some new episodes in April or May
  • Stargate Atlantis – Never really affected by the strike, but Carl Binder’s back and they start filming next week.
  • Supernatural – Some new episodes in April or May
  • Terminator – Maybe some new episodes? Not much news on this one.