Gaters Rejoice…and Pout

Sci-Fi continues to test the patience of Stargate fans with their pronouncements.

Happy news! Stargate-Atlantis is, indeed, back for Season 4. (Didn’t we hear that already?) And it will have the first-ever fall premiere for the Stargate franchise. Plus, we get the lovely Jewel Staite and Amanda Tapping joining the show. We also get to meet a new race.

Grumpy news. As if we haven’t waited long enough, they’re pushing back the second half of both Stargate seasons one more week to April 13. And we get to “mourn the loss of beloved friends.” (Who’s fault was that?)

Breaking News! – The Chicago Tribune‘s The Watcher blog spoke with producer Joseph Mallozzi about the Sci-Fi announcement; giving more details on Sam’s role in SGA, the upcoming casting changes (which, let’s face it, everyone has already heard about) and a few more details on what was hinted. SPOILERS abound, but not in terribly much detail.

Don’t they know they shouldn’t mess with a fanbase that costumes in camouflage?

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