Gate into Season 4

Big thanks to Dunc for giving me (um, us!) a Stargate category! I am truly honored that blabbing incessantly about a show for long enough will eventually be recognized.

So a few things going on in Gateland…
Still no final ratings numbers for Adrift. What does this mean for how we’re looking to SciFi’s eyes? (Y’know, the people with their hands over the button that could nuke the series?) Torture! [Note: This blog entry contains the beginnings of a discussion about this week’s episode. Be careful if you don’t want to know!]
– Well, David Nykl (Zelenka) is fairly optimistic. Let’s hope he’s right!
– Back to Joe Mallozzi, he has posted a more in-depth discussion about this week’s episode, Reunion.
– And some really funny Q&A videos with Jason Momoa (Ronon) and Joe Flanigan (John). Be careful what handle you use when sending in those questions! You could be teased mercilessly.