Gate Geeks – We have DVDs!

Just in time for my birthday, the upcoming SG1 movie The Ark of Truth will be released direct-to-DVD on March 11th.

The week before, the US will finally get its own chance to buy Stargate’s version of The Star Wars Holiday Special when Stargate Infinity: The Legend Begins is released on March 6th. (Although really, it would take a lot to be as bad as The Holiday Special!)

In other Stargate news:
Joe Mallozzi advises us to spread the wealth in our praises and criticisms of each week’s show. Plus, he announced that he will be breaking down this week’s mid-season finale and fielding questions in his blog.
– The Chucknician himself, Chuck Campbell, talks about the joys of being a day player for Stargate.
– And Stargate’s own Head Fan Pierre Bernard (from Conan O’Brien’s Recliner of Rage bit) throws out a press release for one last push on the People’s Choice Awards voting. (Which still has a few categories open.)

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